Buy To Let

Buy To Let

Whether you are looking to purchase your first buy to let property or you already own a couple of properties, Oak Tree Mortgages are here to help.

Making a mess of it
Navigating Mortgage Lender’s ‘criteria’ to work out whether you are eligible for a mortgage can be very difficult.  Applying to a Lender that is unlikely to lend to you can result in time wasted and possibly the loss of any upfront application fees paid to the Lender.
A failed mortgage application can also lead to the loss of the property you want to purchase as the seller may lose confidence in you.
Our knowledge and experience can be invaluable in helping clients avoid these pitfalls.

Get your skates on

We understand speed is often important when purchasing an investment property. You can count on our experience of the mortgage market to guide you towards lenders who are efficient in their processing of your application, helping to avoid the slow coach mortgage lenders.

The importance of a Mortgage Broker in the buy to let market

Some Lenders, such as Birmingham Midshires, no longer deal with the public directly. Their products can now only be accessed through a professional Mortgage Broker, ensuring the right borrowers are matched to a Lender that will lend to them.

Helping you with your Buy to Let Mortgage

Our Advisers will work with you to ascertain your needs and demands and will then recommend a mortgage to you. We make the application to the lender and deal with the lender on your behalf.
You will have a dedicated Mortgage Consultant at Oak Tree Mortgages who will help you through your application and who will be there for you in the future if you decide to add to your portfolio.
We also offer a re-mortgage service for buy to let mortgages allowing you to review your mortgage to ensure that you still have the most suitable mortgage.

Our fee for arranging a Buy to Let Mortgage

If you are arranging a Buy to Let mortgage, then we make a charge for this and this is covered by our tariff of charges set out below:

  • For a Buy to Let mortgage application to a mortgage lender for a purchase, remortgage or further advance, we charge a flat fee of £249 which will become payable at outset when we apply for the mortgage.  In addition, we will retain any commission paid by the lender.
  • For a Buy to Let application to an existing mortgage lender for a Product Transfer on an existing mortgage account, we charge a flat fee of £149 which will become payable when the product transfer is applied for.  In addition, we will retain any commission paid by the lender.
  • For a Buy to Let application to an existing lender for a Transfer of Equity (removing or adding a person to an existing mortgage), we charge a flat fee of £499 when we submit the application to the lender.  We will not receive any commission from the lender for transacting this business.

If we charge you a fee and your ’Buy to Let’ mortgage does not go ahead, you will receive no refund if we have made a full mortgage application and then you decide not to take out a ‘Buy to Let’ mortgage or if the lender declines the application after you passed an initial credit check.  No refund will be made for a Transfer of Equity application rejected by the mortgage lender.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of Buy to Let Mortgages.
Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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